لا يزال الله يكتب قصتك ، توقف عن محاولة سرقة القلم. ثق بالمؤلف. - مجهول

لا يزال الله يكتب قصتك ، توقف عن محاولة سرقة القلم. ثق بالمؤلف. - مجهول


ثق بالله and you will never end up regretting. Yes, that’s true. Often, we tend to believe in our own decisions and try doing things that go against us after some time. Do not be one of those kinds.

It is important to understand that you should always trust upon the Almighty as that will make sure that you grow up.

You might not have faith in God today and thus end up doubting God’s decisions, but years later, you will be able to realize why things did turn out that way.

Many a time, we do not have the potential to realize certain issues, and thus, we get triggered at the hit of the moment. You should rely upon God and have faith on how he has been paving your way.


God is still writing your story, trust on him and all things are sure to turn good. Often, we are so engaged in stealing the pen and trying to do things forcibly that we forget who the author is!

You might not be the best one to decide about your own self, and you could be wrong at certain times, but no one could be better than God himself.

You may not have the potential to understand his intentions right now, but if you stick to the path that he shows you, there is no doubt that you are bound to do good down the line.

When you know that your story is being written by God himself, you should have faith in his foresight and thus, not question any of his decisions. The Bible has always taught us to have faith in God and we do so, as well.


However, there are certain times when we see a downfall, and that is when we start to take up things in our own hands. Do not do it, for that is when we start questioning the author.

Learn to understand that everything happens as it is meant to be, and by showing you tough times, it would probably be God’s ways to see whether or not you actually have your faith upon him.

ربما يعجبك أيضا