الصعود القوي إلى تحدي أهدافهم وأحلامهم. الضعفاء يصبحون كارهين. - ستيف مارابولي

الصعود القوي إلى تحدي أهدافهم وأحلامهم. الضعفاء يصبحون كارهين. - ستيف مارابولي


Know that only if you have a strong mind and determination to succeed, you will make it to success by hook or by crook. You will probably meet a lot of hurdles along your way but make sure that none of them is actually able to put you down.

It is quite obvious that you will have troubles ahead in your life but know that the sole purpose of these obstacles is to teach you the biggest lessons of your life.

It is only when you participate in the test that you get to know the faults in you. Therefore, you should always have the guts to fight all sorts of odds, and make sure that you are not being an escapist.

Use the situations wisely and do not fear any of them even if they are not going into your favor. Instead of complaining about why things didn’t work out, try to analyze what all do you need to do in order to make them work for you!


While strong-minded people are capable of understanding the situations and try reacting to them accordingly, the weak-minded people are the ones who do nothing but keep on nagging about things.

They become the haters, and have a mindset of judging anyone and everyone around them. That’s the reason for which they are still lagging behind.

While the strong-minded people focus on their work, and be determined, it is the weak-minded people who have nothing to do but they are the ones who keep on complaining about even the silliest thing on this earth.

Hence, if you are wise enough and are looking forward to using your energy in a positive way, make sure that you are not repeating any mistake, and trying to take lessons from each and every failure of yours.


Do not waste your time and energy in thinking about things that are useless. Always be the one to try analyzing what went wrong and why!

ربما يعجبك أيضا